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This is one of the oldest operating soda fountains in the state of Wisconsin.

Dave Schlack originally built this historic Railroad Street business as a tavern in the late 1800’s which he operated until prohibition in 1919. Schlack’s Whiskey was then transformed into Schlack’s Sodas and the original soda fountain was born. Dave’s daughters took over the operation until 1970 and were followed by several consecutive owners under the name Colonial House. In December 2002, Executive Chef, Jason Mienholz took over ownership of “Soda Pops” with his unique vision.

Jason, whose hobby for years has been collecting antique soda machines, now owned the ideal building! Jason, along with his parents, Ron and Cindy Meinholz, began the painstaking process of restoration by returning all soda fountain components to their original working state. Next, the decorative Victorian metal ceiling panels with eight coats of peeling paint were stripped and repainted to their original grandeur. Five layers of old flooring were removed to reveal the 1900’s period maple hardwood floors and surprise hidden trap doors. Under the linoleum was found a 1920’s Milwaukee Sentinel sports page and an old typed Schlak menu listing “T-Bone Steak and Baked Potato…50 cents and Coffee…10 cents.”

The tiniest restrooms with the original fixtures and terrazzo floors have been retained. The gorgeous clear leaded glass now positioned between the center booths was believed to be from the early building, before the bar next door was built. The large floor grate in the center of the room is a gravity feed furnace that was coal fired in its day. The black and white fountain counter and booth tables are the original Vitrolite glass made by the Ford Glass Company.

The brass buttons in the concrete by the “Filling Station” were made from crosswalks in the 1930’s streets to caution children “Safety First”. Jason’s desire to return this old building to its original look prompted his participation in the Wisconsin Main Street Program involving preservation of historical buildings. The front facade has been stripped of its 1960’s-2000 appearance and its look returned to the bygone era of brick, awnings, and period signing. Please sit back and enjoy!

Jason Meinholz and Marzena Noch-Meinholz, Proprietors

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